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2013-FSLH Food Services Lead Hand (Cook)
2013-SB Server/Bartender
2015-001 Assistant Chief Building Inspector
2015-002 Building Code Engineer/Officer
2015-131 Clerical Supervisor - RCMP (Front Counter)
2015-137 Crime Prevention Programs Facilitator
2015-140 Auxiliary Constable Program Coordinator
2015-141 Business Analyst 2 (Change Management Specialist)
2015-142 Sign Maker
2015-143 Business Manager - Engineering
2015-154 GIS Analyst (LIPS)
2015-ACT3 Auxiliary Clerical Team
2015-CAIT Communications Assistant
2015-CO Carousel Operator
2015-CPAI2 Contract Preschool Instructors and Contract Assistant Preschool Instructor
2015-LS Labourer 1- Sewer Operations
2015-MC Meter Checker
2015-RJF Restorative Justice Facilitator
2015-YFC Youth and Family Counsellor
    1-19 of 19     
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